What is a medical abortion like? Medical abortion is a two-step, first-trimester abortion. Like other serious medical procedures, medical abortion comes with significant risks. 

If you are considering this type of abortion, be sure where your pregnancy stands to protect your health and safety. Here are the facts so you can make an informed decision when it comes to your pregnancy. 

Also Known As The Abortion Pill 

A medical abortion, also referred to as the abortion pill, involves taking two different drugs. These two drugs (mifepristone and misoprostol) work to end a pregnancy by blocking the absorption of progesterone and causing the uterus to cramp and expel the pregnancy through the vagina. 

Know the Risks

There are physical risks to medical abortion women may experience following a medical abortion, including infection, incomplete abortion, heavy bleeding, digestive discomfort, fever, and more.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, medical abortion may not be available to you if you have the following:

  • You have an intrauterine device (IUD).
  • You have a suspected pregnancy outside of the uterus.
  • You have certain medical conditions.
  • You take a blood thinner or certain steroid medicines.
  • You can’t make follow-up visits to your provider.
  • You have an allergy to the drug used.

Consult with a medical professional to be sure and to get answers about your unique pregnancy journey. An ultrasound is necessary to understand if you have complications such as an ectopic pregnancy.

Understand Your Pregnancy Details

Before considering abortion, understand where your pregnancy stands with pregnancy testing and an ultrasound. These vital steps of pregnancy confirmation will help you determine your pregnancy options and if you have a healthy, viable pregnancy.
Contact us today to schedule a pregnancy test to begin the process. We can help answer your most pressing pregnancy questions and help you navigate all your options. You are not alone.