Are you unexpectedly pregnant and considering abortion? It’s natural to consider all your options, as each one has lasting effects. However, because abortion is a medical procedure, there are additional risks to consider. Before having an abortion, you’ll want to complete the following steps…

1. Confirm and Verify the viability of Your Pregnancy

The first thing you’ll want to do before even considering your options is to confirm that you are pregnant. Even if you’ve taken a pregnancy test and the result is positive, that only indicates pregnancy.

You also should verify the viability of your pregnancy through an ultrasound. Having an ultrasound performed will locate the pregnancy, indicating if the pregnancy is viable, meaning that it can be carried to term. Also, you’ll need to know how far along you are to determine which type of abortion procedure would be available to you.

You may be eligible for a free ultrasound after a positive pregnancy test at our center. Learn about your pregnancy before making a final decision.

2. Do Your Research

As with any elective medical procedure, you’ll want to do your research before making a final decision. If you were to get Lasik to correct your vision, you would research the costs, the risks, the side effects, and more. You should do the same with abortion.

There are several types of abortion procedures with varying availability depending on how developed the fetus is, as well as the availability of doctors willing to perform the procedure or administer the medication. Learn more about these on our abortion page.

If you are looking for information on abortion procedures and the associated costs, risks, and side effects, we are here for you. While we do not refer for abortion, we can give you more information about abortion and get your questions answered today.

3. Discuss Your Options

After you’ve confirmed your pregnancy and done your research, it’s now time to consider all your options. Many women facing unexpected pregnancies believe that abortion is the only option, when in fact, they have more choices than they realize.

While we do not perform or refer for abortions, don’t make this decision alone. We’re here to listen in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.

When you make an appointment at Pathway to Hope, we will discuss your options with you and show how each would affect your unique situation.

Is Abortion Right For Me?

While only you can truly decide what’s next for you, we can help inform you about abortion and all your options.

Schedule a pregnancy options appointment today!