It can be difficult and confusing to navigate an unplanned pregnancy with your partner if they aren’t on the same page. 

If you’re not sure what to do if your partner doesn’t support your pregnancy, we can help. First, know that the final pregnancy decision is yours to make. It’s also important to understand why your partner feels the way that he does, even though you don’t agree.

Navigating Your Partner’s Feelings

Is your partner worried about you continuing the pregnancy? Is he wanting you to choose abortion? If your partner refuses to communicate with you, get support elsewhere. We’re sorry you weren’t supported by your partner.

If your partner participated in this pregnancy, your partner is legally obligated to provide child support should you choose to parent. You may find that he is unsupportive of this pregnancy decision, but you deserve to move forward. 

Is Your Safety at Risk?

If your partner is at all violent, don’t hesitate to get help right away. Violence tends to escalate during pregnancy and put you and your pregnancy in danger. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline right away for 24/7 help and support.

If your partner is abusive, know that you deserve to live in a safe, loving environment. If your partner isn’t abusive but is very afraid about this pregnancy, give him time and space to process the pregnancy news. 

Find the Support You Need

Finding a support system is important right now. Relying on family and friends can provide the support you deserve. At Pathway to Hope, we are here to support you as well! We offer the pregnancy services and support you need to move forward with clarity and confidence. 

Our caring team is here to help answer your many pregnancy questions or concerns. We can help you navigate them and provide the care you need. Schedule a free appointment to learn more.