Are you unexpectedly pregnant? A pregnancy decision is not something to take lightly and is often a difficult decision to make. It is important to remember that the final decision regarding the outcome of your pregnancy is yours alone to make. 

You Have the Final Say

Is your partner pressuring you to have an abortion but you’re not sure? Whether your partner, friends, or parents are pressuring you to have an abortion, you should never feel forced into any pregnancy decision. 

Allowing yourself the time to process your emotions is essential before determining what is best for you. Though you may care what your partner thinks about your pregnancy situation, no one should ever force you into any decision. 

Confirm Your Pregnancy Details

To determine your options, you will first want to confirm your pregnancy with free pregnancy testing and ultrasound at our center today. 

An ultrasound confirms how far along you are, your pregnancy location (whether it’s located within your uterus), and viability (whether your pregnancy is healthy and growing). It can also alert you to any possible pregnancy complications.

Talk to Someone You Trust

Once you have confirmed your pregnancy, consider all your options. We’re here to listen to your thoughts about your pregnancy in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.

At Pathway to Hope, we will discuss your options with you and show how each would affect your unique situation. While only you can truly decide what’s next for you, we are here to help inform you about abortion and all your other options.

Free & Confidential Support

Our compassionate team is committed to serving those facing unexpected pregnancies with free and confidential resources. We are here for you.
Schedule a pregnancy options appointment today! You are stronger than you know.