Unplanned pregnancies are not just something that affects women. If she is pregnant and you are the father, it is easy to act on emotion and to feel overwhelmed. It is important to remember that YOU ARE NOT alone and that you play a vital role in supporting her.

How you can help

Show your support

It is likely that she is scared, overwhelmed, confused, or all of the above. It is important for you to remind her that she is not alone. The two of you are in this together!

Communication is key

Now is not the time to be stoic. Be open and honest with her. Share how you feel because she is likely feeling the same way. It can help you both feel united and understood.

While you should openly share with her, it’s most important that you listen to her. Hear all of her feelings, concerns, and thoughts. There is a lot to process when you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and talking to someone can help her organize her thoughts.

Get the facts

It is not just her responsibility to know about unplanned pregnancy options. Educate yourself about all the options and the details associated with them. The more information you both have, the more confident you can be that you are making the best and most educated decision.

Encourage her to tell those who matter

Individuals who will be affected by your decision, such as both of your parents, can offer great insight and support to both of you. Keeping your pregnancy a secret will only add more stress. Seek the support and advice from family and friends who care about you.

Things to avoid

Pressuring her

You are in this together. Her voice is just as important as yours and you need to make sure she is heard. This is not your place to overrun the conversation. Your role is to listen, support, and discuss—not to tell her what to do.


It is okay to feel overwhelmed and scared, but you need to keep your lines of communication open. If you shut her out, both of you will only feel more alone. You need to be open to expressing your feelings and hearing hers at the same time.

Avoiding your responsibilities

Running away does not make things disappear. The best thing you both can do is stand together and support one another. Neither of you should go through this alone and you will need to lean on each other more now than ever.

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